In late 2010 I made a conscious decision to marry some of my life's passions, the outdoors, travel, exploring, creativity, and images. This site is a living and an ever changing piece of media that will display this journey. A journey that has started and has no real destination. The photos here are just some of the shots along the way.

I am from NJ just outside of NYC but have made my home over 25 years ago in North Carolina where I am a few hours from the mountains and the coast, and am always close or in the forest. If it's off the beaten path I want to go there, if its where everyone is going to be, probably not. I find there is so much beauty in this world we live and you don't have to go far to see it. Just get out there and you will find it.

Being there are so many print choices these days, if there is an image you are interested in obtaining, please just contact me. Thank you for visiting and I hope you say hello in the guest book.